Tuesday, June 8, 2010

stick it

Greetings! One of my favorite cool summer eats could not be more easy: frozen grape kabobs. While I love my sugar loaded popsicles, these are "healthy" and so simple to make. 

Step 1: put grapes on stick
Step 2: freeze grapes
Step 3: eat
(step 2.5: dust with powered sugar (optional)) 

I'll get into my obsession with tooth-picked appetizers later this week, but for now, I will be eating grape-sicles for dessert this week. Will you? Prove it.

image from (don't ask)


  1. Fun idea, to pop those little grapes onto a stick! I'll bet they'd look cute and festive, tucked onto the side of a frou-frou drink. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing - these are perfect for my daughter's lollipop themed birthday. All the food will be on sticks